For nearly a years, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has actually been at the forefront of tactical shooters and continues to boast a large active playerbase.

One element of the title that has always been popular is the marketplace, where gamers are able to purchase and sell in-game cosmetics with each other. Due to the loot crate system that randomizes what reward players could get from opening a crate, some gamers will typically opt to spend somewhat more cash to guarantee they get the skin they are going after.

One of the more popular yet expensive cosmetic products, knife skins are looked for after by the majority of players. Due to their very low drop opportunity and hefty price, lots of players do not have a skin for their knife.

Luckily, some knives in CS: GO are reasonably priced for gamers who are looking to get a skin for their knife without breaking the bank.

Here are the most inexpensive knives in CS: GO.

The most inexpensive of all knives on the market, the Navaja Knife is one of the more simple and less transformative skins in the video game. The knife design was consisted of back in August 2018 in an update together with several other new knives. Just like all various knives in CS: GO, there are a variety of skins that differ in appearance and quality, but if you seek a low-cost knife and not too fussed about the aesthetic appeals, you can pick up a Navaja Knife for around $66.

When initially released in 2015, Shadow Daggers were some of the rarest knife skins in the game, but over time, their worth has decreased as more players aim to offer.

Shadow Daggers are a pair of knives and one of the extremely couple of dual-wielded weapons in the video game. Some of the more costly skins for the weapon are still greatly searched for and can produce an outrageous price tag however skins like the Safari Mesh, Rust Coat, and Stained are typically extremely well priced and relax $75.

Among the very first knives acquirable in CS: GO, the Gut Knife is instantly recognizable by the hook on completion of the blade. The Gut Knife can be picked up for a similar cost to the Shadow Daggers for players who are not stressed about the skin or quality. The very best budget-friendly skins to keep an eye on the marketplace for are Safari Mesh, Night, or Rust Coat.

As an addition to the video game in April 2017, gamers could obtain and open Falchion dog crates with the hope of getting their hands on the Falchion Knife.

The Falchion Knife has a similar look to that of the Navaja Knife, as it has a fold-away blade into the complete steel handle. Given that its release, the knife’s appeal has dropped as many players opt to use larger, flashier knife skins, however.

Due to this, you can take up a Falchion Knife on the market for an affordable price and add it to your collection.

With a retractable spring-loaded blade, what makes the Stiletto Knife unique is the thin straight blade protruding from the handle.

Although it is most expensive knife on our list, it stays on the cheaper side, readily available under $100 for a series of skins. If you seek an economical Stiletto Knife, keep your eyes open for a Boreal Forest or Scorched skin.