Which is a great deal, bigger than other, formerly reported numbers.

The huge mark Steam has been developing towards all year has been satisfied: As of the morning of January second, 2021, Steam’s all-time peak concurrent linked user count broke the 25 million mark. To be exact, the high was 25,415,080 per the trackers over at SteamDB. It’s a new high for a brand-new year where plainly, more individuals than ever are playing PC video games through the platform.

Nevertheless, much like last month’s record, the users reporting as in-game didn’t handle to crack the record set in the last week of March this year. Some 8.1 million players were in-game in March, while just 7.4 million remained in games today. That stated, today’s goal continues the pattern of Valves free-to-play games blazing a trail, with CS: GO reporting more than a million, per normal, while Dota 2 neared 700k and PUBG cleared 400k. Singleplayer video games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Stardew Valley both contributed in the leading 10 among continually popular games like GTAV and Rust.

With this barrier broke, it appears like Steam’s mathematical exploits are ending up being more “inevitability” than “news.” I’ll get back to you when Steam reaches something like 30 million players, or maybe when it fractures 10 million players online and in-game. With 2021 shaping up to be a year where individuals will stay inside your home and work from house to be much better safe than sorry, we might simply get there faster than we ‘d like.