Upsets take place in sports– the unpredictability of sports is what makes them so enjoyable to watch. Nevertheless, for the Saints, stopping working to win as a heavy favorite is the last thing they might afford, which’s exactly what took place versus the Eagles.

Overall, the team came out sluggish, was ambushed by a new offense led by novice Jalen Injures, and dealt with turnovers.

In order to respond, New Orleans will have to do so as an underdog. In come the 12-1 Chiefs, who have shown themselves to be significantly better than the rest of the league. The Saints presently have the second-best chances to win Super Bowl at +650, however the one group ahead of them?

That would be Kansas City at +180 chances. That space in odds reveals how dominant the Chiefs are, making this perhaps among the most difficult matches in current memory for New Orleans.

As of now, it appears that Drew Brees may be back under center for this game! His status isn’t known for sure, but for the sake of this post, we’ll presume he plays.

The last time the Saints were an underdog, they blew out the Bucs by a score of 38-3. Can they advance to 2-0 as an underdog this season.