A new video gaming center focusing on PC gaming is now readily available in Apia, at the Cyberbooth Web & Esports Arena.

The internet coffee shop, situated at Lotemau Centre, has expanded into an esports arena for PC gamers in Samoa.

Owners, Helen Seumanutafa and Orlando Seumanutafa told the Samoa Observer on Saturday about the expansion.

Mr. Seumanutafa stated the progression in to gaming services is appropriate as he believes that is where the market is going.

According to market reports, the global video games market is worth nearly $160 billion as of in 2015, with an estimated 2.7 billion players worldwide.

Mrs. Seumanutafa added that they were likewise devoted players, although they chose PC video gaming over console gaming.

Nevertheless, Mr. Seumanutafa did not eliminate the possibility of offering console video gaming in the future, depending upon need and how well the esports arena is gotten by the public.

At the minute they are using popular games such as Call of Responsibility Warzone, Fortnight, League of Legends and Dota 2.

Mrs. Seumanutafa stated that as gaming is a multibillion-dollar market, there are opportunities for higher-level competitors such as gaming tournaments kept in America.

In regards to responses and feedback from the public, Mr. Seumanutafa said that it is too early to tell as they have only just recently began.

They do not have any Esports competitions at the moment however Seumanutafa stated they will ultimately consider it.

The computers at the Esports Arena are AMD Ryzen 5 and all the processors are Nvidia. Those who have an interest in playing at the arena just need to pay $10 for one hour.

As the video gaming market continues to grow every year, the concern was put to Mr. Seumanutafa if video gaming or esports was a platform worth purchasing.

He included that internet connectivity is not longer an issue and is a problem of the past.

Cyberbooth Web & Esports Arena signs up with another video gaming center company – PushPlay in Apia.

When asked how he would handle any company competition in the future, Mr. Seumanutafa said they would welcome it as it is not about the competition however about offering a service to the general public.

Mrs. Seumantafa stated it had to do with offering an opportunity to a child who might not have access to video gaming platforms.

They stated the most popular video game at Esports Arena today is Fortnite.