The League of Legends European Championship will be losing a member of its iconic broadcast talent for its next season, as Indiana “Froskurinn” Black has actually revealed her choice to not re-sign with the LEC following her agreement concerning an end.

Froskurinn, who has worked as a broadcast skill on League of Legends for many years has actually chosen to transfer to a more managerial and developmental position, as she stated in her announcement post on Twitter.

” I have actually chosen not to re-sign with the LEC for the 2021 season,” said Froskurinn. “I can not reveal the next steps yet, but I’ve constantly felt strongly about moving into management and advancement positions. I wish the LEC broadcast, groups, and fans the absolute best. I definitely enjoyed it there.”

Considering the LEC is set to return on January 22, it will seem weird not to see Froskurinn as part of the broadcast talent, nevertheless, considering how empty January usually is in regard to esports, a return of one of the leading European leagues is welcome all the same.