Valve has actually launched their yearly evaluation of video games on Steam by overall profits, offering a check out what’s offering best on PC’s biggest games platform from the source with the most information. The Best of 2020 page has a range of data, counting in 6 classifications: Top Sellers, New Releases, Many Played, Early Gain Access To Grads, Best of VR, and Controller Games. Valve provides these lists out of order, so while we don’t know which game was the top seller, we do know which video games were the leading 12, then 13-24th, 25th-40th, and 41st-100th.

Unexpected no-one, the video games that went big on Steam are the games we’ve been enjoying shatter records all year. Valve’s free-to-play Dota 2 and CS: GO did well, as did perennial successes Grand Theft Vehicle V and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Viral hits like Amongst Us and Fall People: Ultimate Knockout, along with your standard huge game releases round out the lineup.

Here are the 12 leading sellers for 2020, as determined by gross revenue:

Maybe the only unexpected find there is Monster Hunter: World, which introduced two years ago but in 2020 outsold highly expected games like Mount & Blade 2 and Crusader Kings 3, which just fell into the 13-24th very popular video games classification.

Here are the 11 most played video games of 2020, as decided by accomplishing peak concurrent player count over 200,000. It’s a really comparable list:

Life is Unusual 2 might amaze some there, a particular kind of head-down player who doesn’t rather realize how popular narrative video games have become. You can head over to Valve’s Best of 2020 page for the other classifications, or to their Best of 2020 article to learn how it works.