Fluminese and Athletico Paranaense’s Under-17 teams were associated with a mass brawl on Monday night, which saw one gamer plant a brutal kung fu kick directly on the face of his opponent

Fluminese Under-17’s win over Athletico Paranaense turned unsightly on Monday when a mass brawl broke out in between the two teams – resulting in nine red cards and one brutal kung fu kick.

The Brazilian clubs went head-to-head for the U17 Brasileirao title, with Fluminese triumphing in a 2-1 victory.

However, their triumph was ruined by an astonishing brawl which broke out in stoppage time.

Paranaense’s Ataide initially reduced Joao Neto, who reacted intensely and tossed out at his challenger.

That small run-in sparked the stunning occurrence which led to nine players being sent, as minutes later on the two teams became embroiled in a mass brawl.

Fluminese replacement Joao Gabriel was seen coming flying in from the sidelines and planting a kung fu kick on the face of Neto, sending him toppling to the ground.

Vinicius Amaral also cracked in with a couple of kicks of his own prior to team-mates intervened.

Reports declare the match was brought to a stop for 10 minutes in an effort to relax both sets of players down, prior to all four gamers included in the awful event were brandished red cards.

Two more players on the field were then dismissed, prior to three substitutes were likewise provided their marching orders to take the total number of sendings off to nine.

It is currently unclear how severely both teams will be punished for the event, but offered the violence on display they can definitely expect fines and suspensions for the players involved.