Coming into today’s contest, Evil Geniuses was among the only groups in the LCS to take a video game off of top place Cloud9 eventually during the regular season. When the two League of Legends groups fulfilled on Feb. 12, Evil Geniuses racked up 26 eliminates in a straightforward 31 minute triumph over Cloud9.

The rematch, nevertheless, swung totally in the opposite instructions, with Cloud9 dispatching Evil Geniuses thanks to some outstanding teamfighting and mid-game objective control.

Today’s matchup was instantly highlighted by a stunning pick-and-ban stage when Cloud9 prepared a structure looking like a strange amalgamation of an LCS match and a solo-queue game. A concentrate on engage-heavy champions, along with a traditional knock-up combination centered around Yasuo and Malphite, were the linchpins of Cloud9’s group compensation.

However early on, the group stopped working to get ahead. Evil Geniuses controlled the match throughout the first 15 minutes, taking benefit of Perkz’s Yasuo and accumulating a 1,000-gold lead through the first 15 minutes.

At the 26-minute mark, nevertheless, Cloud9 required a fight around the Baron pit after selecting up a roaming kill on Jiizuke. The play led to back-to-back teamfight success for Cloud9, as well as the team’s very first gold lead of the video game. Thanks to a number of more dominant teamfights in the final few minutes of the video game led by Vulcan’s Rell, Cloud9 were able to take their aggro-heavy structure all the way to the goal in a persuading 31-minute win.

In the end, Perkz’s Yasuo choice finished the game with a scoreline of 3/2/12, sufficient for a kill-participation mark of 79 percent. Today’s video game played host to the first Yasuo choice of 2021 in a major area, and the very first since last year’s LCK Regional Finals when KT Rolster ADVERTISEMENT carry Intending selected the champion.

With this victory, Cloud9 retain control of very first location in the LCS and improve their record to 9-2 on the split. Cloud9 will round out their weekend with a critical match against 2nd place squad 100 Burglars tomorrow afternoon.

Evil Geniuses, who still remain as one of just two groups in The United States and Canada to take a video game off of Cloud9 in the routine season, fall to 6-5. They’ll finish off their weekend with a potential bounceback video game against the ninth place Golden Guardians tomorrow.