The 2020 NFL season is formally underway! In last night’s opening contest, the reigning Super Bowl champ Kansas City Chiefs shellacked the Houston Texans– with the final 34-20 score barely suggesting simply how far apart these 2 teams were on the field. However the Chiefs weren’t the only winner of the night: the Miami Dolphins were likewise a huge recipient of last night’s result.

If we desire to get technical, the Dolphins presently own the No. 1 choice in the 2021 NFL Draft! That isn’t most likely to last, but the Texans’ battles last night aren’t necessarily going to be going away whenever soon. Which is certainly great news for the Dolphins. Because while Miami can now set their attention to their own season and structure upon the promising surface of 2019, the group can all at once cheer for another group: whoever is playing the Texans.

Houston’s 1st- and 2nd-round picks in the 2021 NFL Draft come from Miami thanks to the trade for OT Laremy Tunsil last August. And with that level of draft capital in Miami’s back pocket getting in the season, a bad Texans group might change a win-win trade into a massive take for the Dolphins.

The finest news of all? Houston’s struggles aren’t going to go away any time quickly.

The schedule remains difficult for the very first half of the season

Houston now sits at 0-1 on the season and will host the Baltimore Ravens next week. Not just is Houston gazing at a hard challenge to avoid 0-2, however the remaining very first half of the schedule could sent out the Texans into a tailspin.

Week 2: vs. Baltimore Ravens Week 3: @ Pittsburgh Steelers Week 4: vs. Minnesota Vikings Week 5: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Week 6: at Tennessee Titans Week 7: vs. Green Bay Packers

This stretch ahead of the bye week is a brutal start to the season and could set the phase for the negativeness around Houston to snowball.