Terry Rozier sounds like one player who might be prepared for his season to be over currently.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Monday that the NBA is moving towards a vote to resume the season in Orlando with the 16 playoff groups plus six extra fringe groups for a total of 22.

Upon hearing that his Charlotte Hornets were not consisted of because group, Rozier had a humorous response. He tweeted “state less” together with a set of palm tree emojis to show going on getaway.

For what it deserves, the Hornets were 23-42 when play was suspended. While such a record is clearly well listed below par, they were actually only 1.5 games behind the Washington Wizards, who were part of the 22-team proposition.

As for Rozier, who just signed with Charlotte last summertime, he was their second-leading scorer this year at 18.0 points per game. He is known for his lack of filter nevertheless, and it is quite apparent where he stands in regards to having to play again this season.