Terraria is one of the most played video games on Steam this week, a tremendous nine years after its preliminary release.

The indie hit got a major boost following the release of its last major update the other day, which has actually caused a peak gamer count of 486,918 users on Steam according to SteamCharts.

An outstanding 387,218 gamers are presently in-game, making Terraria the third most played video game since press time – simply under Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. To provide that a little perspective, 997,162 users are presently playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, while 560,767 gamers remain in Dota 2.

Terraria: Journey’s End – the fourth and final significant upgrade for the indie sandbox video game – went live yesterday, adding 800 brand-new craftable products, new enemy types, revamped biomes, new weather condition effects, and an in-game bestiary. However crucial of all, maybe, is the ability to animal the dog:

There is still no word on when we might see the upgrade hit other platforms. Re-Logic have formerly mentioned that Journey’s End will come to consoles, mobile, and Switch, “but most likely not at the specific very same time.”