Klei is likewise the studio behind Mark of the Ninja, Griftlands, and more.

Tencent has acquired a bulk stake in Klei Entertainment, the studio behind such video games as Do not Starve and Mark of the Ninja.

Klei Home entertainment creator Jamie Cheng required to the studio’s online forums to reveal the news and to assure its fans that “as part of this arrangement, Klei keeps full autonomy of creative and operations across all elements of the studio, including projects, talent, and more.”

When it comes to what’s going to alter, Cheng points out that while there are some “dull accounting changes” that will require to be adapted to, he will still be running the studio as before, with “no modifications to staffing, jobs, or other operations.”

Cheng continued to go over why this decision was made and, to name a few things, how it will help Klei Entertainment continue to do what it does finest – “making unique experiences that nobody else can.”

” Klei has actually been around for 15 years, and we have made many modifications for many years in order to react to a changing world,” Cheng composed. “Consistently, my wish has been to make it possible for individuals to do their finest imaginative work, to learn and grow, to not have to stress over financial resources, and have the ability to enjoy their lives outside the studio. This has actually not changed. This partnership helps us browse a changing industry, and assists us focus on what we do best: making unique experiences that nobody else can.”

Tencent, which has invested in other business that have produced such titles as Course of Exile, League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Clash of Clans, Fortnite, and more, helped Klei distribute its games in China in 2016. Furthermore, Don’t Starve Together was the very first video game to release on Tencent’s WeGame platform.

These previous collaborations helped make the choice for Klei to allow this acquisition, as Cheng feels that it is the only company that “would let us keep the level of control that we demand.”

Klei Home entertainment’s latest title, Griftlands, is presently offered on PC in Early Access and is also expected to be launched on Nintendo Change later this year.