A 5.5% drop disrupted Tencent’s journey to end up being one of few trillion-dollar business worldwide.

Chinese video gaming giant Tencent was close to a $1 trillion market value after its biggest rise in over a years on Monday, but fell short of the milestone after a depression on Tuesday, Bloomberg reports. The company’s value is now below $900 billion after a 5.5% loss in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

If Tencent had reached the $1 trillion mark, it would have been the second Chinese company to do so after PetroChina Co, which reached its trillion-dollar appraisal in 2007 and has because collapsed. The list of companies worth over $1 trillion is still a short one, consisting of Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Saudi Arabian Oil Co

. With offerings ranging from video games to social media to e-commerce, Tencent has long been a financier preferred, though Chinese government crackdowns on the gaming industry and the monopolistic practices Tencent takes part in have actually at times influenced on its stock cost.

As the world’s biggest computer game business, Tencent has actually been relentlessly broadening over the course of 2020, with a number of game-related acquisitions both large and little. Most recently Tencent obtained Do not Starve studio Klei, while it also owns League of Legends developer Riot Games, in addition to having stakes in both Epic Games and Activision Blizzard.