The first balance modifications of Teamfight Methods’ 11.3 upgrade have started dropping onto the multiplayer video game’s screening grounds. While there are simply a few up on the PBE for a fortnight of tinkering today, there are some essential tweaks to a few of the autobattler’s traits and champions which are worth understanding if you’re wanting to keep your edge when the spot drops next week.

First off, the champion gameplay updates. Elise is currently seeing two aspects of her capability changed on the testing server, with her Spider Form’s bonus offer health effect nerfed at the lower 2 levels. In addition, the Spider Queen’s increased mana expense has actually risen from a flat 33% to a scaled variety of 35/35/50%. Tristana, the Yordle Gunner, on the other hand is getting buffed this spot, based on what’s up for testing. Her capability’s reward attack speed has actually increased by 10% at all 3 levels.

As for characteristics, Riot’s wanting to revise Slayer and Spirit champs a little this update, which suggests there are some adjustments to the previous’s (six-unit) lifesteal and bonus damage impacts, and the latter’s (four-unit) bonus offer damage dealt.

That’s all for the tentative Teamfight Techniques patch 11.3 notes for now, however keep examining back on this page over the week or so as we’ll keep it updated with the changes being checked on the PBE before they go live soon.

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