If you’re a Teamfight Methods fan, you’ll probably have heard the multiplayer video game’s next mid-set update is due to drop in a couple weeks’ time. Called Teamfight Strategies: Fates – Festival of Beasts, the event is set to switch in and out champions and traits (with 2 champs making their TFT debuts), and bring customisation alternatives, a video game pass, and – naturally – a brand-new season of ranked. The spot has now hit the PBE for a round of testing, so it’s time to have a look at what’s in shop.

As you can think of, there are a raft of balance modifications en route for TFT patch 11.2. Up on the testing grounds today are tweaks to a range of the autobattler’s champions, such as Brand, Diana, Nasus, Nautilus, Darius, Neeko, and – oh, plenty more aside. Some like Morgana – as Riot’s teased before – will be getting some quality modifications, too. You can check out details on the modifications to the numerous champs’ stats, capabilities, qualities, and other elements in the champ changes section listed below.

As for characteristics, a portion remain in for some change screening right, consisting of small reworks to Spirit, Mage, and Dragonsoul qualities, and stat and impact tweaks to a batch of others.

Without more ado, let’s have a look at the Teamfight Strategies spot 11.2 notes (via Riot Games on the main TFT Discord). As ever, bear in mind these are going through a period of testing, so modifications listed below are just tentative and could keep altering prior to they strike live on January 21.

That’s all there remains in the way of tentative Teamfight Tactics spot 11.2 notes for now, however keep inspecting back on this page over the next number of weeks as we’ll keep it updated with the changes being evaluated on the PBE prior to they go live later this month.

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