In stunning style, Group Spirit have dispatched Astralis to make the leading area out of their IEM Katowice group.

After taking each other’s map picks (Astralis won Spirit’s Inferno choice, then Spirit won Astralis’ Train choice) the two CS: GO teams met on Dust II with an area in the semifinals on the line.

What occurred next came as a big shock for fans. The dominant Danish side were definitely controlled on Dust II. Group Spirit declared all 15 rounds on their CT side. Astralis just got a single bomb plant down during the half, which was clearly pacified.

Requiring 15 straight rounds on their CT side just to require overtime, Astralis narrowly prevented the loss ending up being any more awkward by closing down a Group Spirit clutch to win the 2nd half pistol round.

Any Astralis momentum concerned crashing halt in the next round, as a one-vs-two clutch by Leonid “chopper” Vishnyakov shut the door and secured the huge 16-1 success.

With this victory, Team Spirit have claimed that extremely searched for first-round playoff bye. Astralis still make playoffs however will begin in the quarterfinals with a bruised ego.

3 CIS groups– Spirit, Na’Vi, and Gambit– have actually currently locked themselves into one of six playoff spots, with a possible fourth in Virtus Pro. This could be an all-CIS affair deep in the playoffs.