The second semifinal series of the LCS Lock In competition today featured a matchup in between Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid, 2 League of Legends teams that have actually been making strides towards the top of the league during the early stages of the 2021 season.

Sadly for fans, the series was highlighted by multiple durations of prolonged downtime to kick off video games one and 2, brought on by two separate pauses arising from in-game bugs. But even still, Liquid declared victory in persuading fashion, weathering the storm of technical problems.

” The stops briefly truly sucked,” Liquid’s AD bring Tactical informed Dot Esports after his group’s win. “However there’s not really much you can do. What you can keep doing is simply keep believing about the game and attempting not to lose focus.”

Liquid were able to easily take the first 2 video games of the series, regardless of the quantity of down-time throughout and in-between each game.

The 3rd video game, however, proved to be harder. It took Liquid up until the mid-game to get back into the contest after falling back early. However two teamfight victories highlighted by a pair of monstrous Command: Shockwaves from Jensen’s Orianna sufficed to bring Liquid back into the fold. Just a few minutes later on, they liquidated the series with ease.

Tactical stood out as a major factor in the series too. The rising star posted a last scoreline of 16/7/20 over the span of three video games, acknowledging his group’s psychological perseverance throughout the draining pipes series as a contributing factor of his strong efficiency.

” We simply had to attempt to not get too ecstatic in between games,” Tactical said. “I believe this team is actually great at remaining calm and not being too hurried. ”

Liquid will face Cloud9 in the LCS Lock In competition’s last round tomorrow with a grand prize of $150,000 on the line, plus an additional $50,000 for the winning group to contribute to its charity of choice.

Evil Geniuses, on the other hand, stood out as a group that made waves throughout the whole of the Lock In tournament. After entering the competition as an under-the-radar competitor, the team burst onto the scene with an unforeseen semifinals appearance. The group will return next week when the LCS opens its 2021 routine season on Feb. 5.