“You call yourself a Challenger player and you never ever really got Opposition by yourself.”

Tarzaned has actually spilled the beans about IWDominate.

The banner, understood for his prowess in North American solo queue, claimed he boosted IWD to Challenger in League of Legends.

” You call yourself a Challenger gamer and you never ever really got Opposition on your own,” Tarzaned said on his stream last night. “I actually had to use your account for 2 years directly to get Challenger.”

Tarzaned stated he enhanced 2 of IWD’s accounts to the top rank over the course of season 7 and eight.

” I do not understand how he can have such a massive ego, I’m so great to you,” he said. “I kept this info for three years. It’s simply extremely rude. You actually require to drop your ego.”

Later in his stream, Tarzaned declared IWD paid him over $10,000 for the service.

Tarzaned didn’t offer any concrete evidence of his claims, but he did dig up IWD’s match history, highlighting the gamer’s poor track record with Wukong.

The feud emerged after some back and forth in between the two streamers.

” He wasn’t bantering,” IWD said previously today. “He just continued to shit on me. So, fuck that man. Literally, just fuck him forever. He’s really just a cancer human being. He’s cancer to play with, in the video game, and cancer to deal with in general.”

IWD is best known for streaming to a large audience on Twitch. He started his profession as an expert League player in 2011, signing up with compLexity Video gaming, before eventually signing with Group Curse, who later on ended up being Team Liquid. IWD retired in 2016 to stream fulltime. Given that then, he’s hosted several League podcasts and maintained a substantial following on YouTube.