Two more gamers, Tarzan and Wadid, have left previous LCK group Griffin, the organization announced today.

After a disappointing Spring Split in which Griffin ended up dead last, they were sent to the last LCK promotion competition to compete for an area in the Summer season Split. However they lost in the last round to Sandbox Video gaming and were subsequently relegated from the LCK, going from Worlds quarterfinalists to relegated in the course of just one split.

Following their relegation, Griffin revealed that it was in the procedure of ending the agreements of each of its players and personnel. Ever since, the company has been gradually releasing gamers from their contracts and helping them carry on to greener pastures. Just today, Hanwha Life Esports signed former Griffin bot laner Viper.

Tarzan and Wadid were 2 of the bigger names on the lineup. Tarzan has actually been with Griffin for numerous seasons, leading the team on its remarkable Worlds run in 2019. He hasn’t had it easy throughout his career, however. He suffered from abuse and mistreatment at the hands of his previous coach and recently had a hard time to impress in the transfer match in which Griffin was ousted from the LCK.

Through the fire, however, Tarzan has managed to keep the status of being a first-rate jungler and must be able to discover a new house reasonably quickly.

Wadid’s stock seems to be much lower today. He only participated in the final month of Griffin’s LCK residence and, over the last couple of years, he’s played on three separate groups in three different regions. He did, however, have a short stint as a commentator in Korea, so he may aim to go back to that function in some capability.

Griffin now has simply four active gamers on its roster: Hoya, Sword, Irove, and Naehyun.