Riot plans to unbench the Kench in time for the next pro season.

League of Legends gameplay designer Phlox talked about Tahm Kench’s eagerly expected rework today, laying out a rough schedule for the support champ’s rerelease.

” So the TK rework is coming once preseason is (more) settled and we have time to end up the work and designate the resources,” Phlox stated. “Truly would prefer to have it out prior to pro starts once again, however I sadly can’t simply slap a timeline here.”

Although Phlox didn’t appoint a particular date for Tahm Kench’s rework, they did recommend it would be coming to the game ahead of the next professional season, which typically starts in the closing stages of January.

With the rework, Riot, according to the developer’s fast gameplay ideas in June, intends to move Tahm Kench’s Devour (W) ability to his supreme slot, where it gets to be “significantly more powerful as a spell cast” and for that reason “less based on allies messing around it.” This will make it deal more damage to opponents and protect allies by approving them a shield.

In the proposed upgrade, the open W slot will then end up being a new engage tool that will “likewise be less coordination reliant than” Tahm Kench’s live engage ultimate. It will basically be a much faster, shorter variety personal Abyssal Voyage that harms and knocks up enemies on arrival, Riot said.

To go alongside these modifications, Riot is checking a self-heal on Tongue Last (Q) and enabling it to once again stack Tahm Kench’s passive, An Acquired Taste, to “encourage” offensive uses of Devour.

Due to the 2021 preseason, Tahm Kench’s win rate has dropped to 45 percent in the support position– the second-worst in his role. His kit, which is weak for the huge majority of gamers in solo queue, and strong in pro play, has actually been crying out for a rework.