The 2020 LCK Summertime Split starts on Wednesday, June 17 with what will likely be a match to keep in mind.

T1 and DragonX are taking on in an action-packed best-of-three on the opening day of the split. The spring champions will seek to continue their streak in Korea and get the ball rolling leading up to Worlds. DragonX will be eager to discover the upset and bring their momentum entering into the split.

The two groups had miserable perform at last weekend’s Mid-Season Cup, falling at the first obstacle and stopping working to make it out of the group phase. The LPL representatives dominated the occasion, with simply Korea’s Gen.G making it to the playoffs. In the end, Top Esports came out on top, beating former world champions FunPlus Phoenix.

If the LCK wishes to compete at Worlds, they’ll have to dig deeper and pull something out of the bag. If not, this could be the third year running in which Korea misses the finals to Europe and China.

T1 ended up the 2020 LCK Spring Split in first location, beating DragonX 3-1 in the semifinals before sweeping Gen.G in the grand finals. The team came in 2nd in the routine season with a 14-4 record. T1 will unquestionably be the favorites of this opening day match, but DragonX should not be undervalued.

DragonX had a promising split and looked dominant at times, in spite of having 2 rookies in the beginning lineup. Jungler Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon and support Ryu “Keria” Min-seok, in specific, had outstanding efficiencies. If the duo can up the ante, discover self-confidence, and continue to improve throughout the split, they could be real contenders at Worlds. Together with veteran ADC Deft, DragonX has lots of potential.