The legendary T1 company has actually so far stopped working to arrive of Dota 2 considering that its start in October 2019. The T1 Dota 2 team delighted in blended success in minor competitions around Southeast Asia but they were still far from getting approved for The International. The DPC team pc registry has actually exposed the next T1 Dota 2 lineup as they want to take the SEA scene by storm.

T1 remaster

T1’s Dota 2 lineup had no scarcities of roster shuffles and stand-ins given that it was formed. The group dealt with both players and competitions as it searched for its footing in a reputable region. Thankfully, the company appears to have cooled down and picked veteran gamers in the face of a new Dota 2 season.

T1 Lineup

Kenny “Xepher” DeoMatthew “Whitemon” FilemonCarlo “Kuku” PaladSouliya “JaCkky” KhoomphetsavongKarl “Karl” Baldovino

Geek Fam once stood at the peak of SEA Dota 2 up till its dissolution last year. This left numerous skilled players scattered to the wind. Thankfully, T1 profited from the influx of available talent. The acquisition of both Carlo “Kuku” Palad and Matthew “Whitemon” Filemon, both formerly from Geek Fam, will definitely help T1’s effort to scale the Dota 2 competitive ladder this year.

Marc “Raven” Fausto is the only former Geek Fam gamer that was not signed by T1. The Filipino player signed up with Fnatic right after Geek Fam launched its lineup in September 2020. The DPC team pc registry reveals that T1 completed its lineup on January 1, 2020. This coincides with the release of welcomes for SEA 2020 events. T1 will be playing in the upper division offered the successes of its players while they were playing for Geek Fam.

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