T1 beat Liiv SANDBOX 2-0 today in the 2021 LCK Spring Split. This win was essential for T1 to stop their 3-game losing streak.

Following their previous losses, T1 debuted Cuzz and Teddy for the very first time of the split today. Both players earned the MVP votes after their spectacular efficiencies. Teddy was essential in the first video game on Xayah, finishing with a 8/4/12 KDA and 87 percent kill involvement. Cuzz protected the 2nd MVP vote after his Udyr performance, showcasing how strong the pick remains in the present meta. He utilized the champ to roam successfully early on and snowball his lanes.

This League of Legends series had former bottom lane partners Teddy and Effort face themselves for the very first time on the opposing sides of the rift. The very first game was quite close throughout the entire match with both groups trading blow-for-blow and objective-for-objective. Teddy’s positioning in teamfights was the definitive aspect with him placing behind his group and supplying a good quantity of damage on the opposing group. While FATE from LSB attempted to take him down a couple of times on Viktor, he was not able to do so and ultimately fell together with his group in a 42-minute match.

After Teddy’s superb efficiency in the first game, Xayah was banned in the preliminary of draft by LSB to require him on other picks. Teddy rapidly discovered himself choosing Kalista, a champ which he had strong performances in the past too. On the other hand, T1 removed the Udyr choice and Cuzz utilized it to manage the circulation of the game, securing all neutral goal however one Herald. His role in teamfights was essential, landing stuns on the whole opposing team and providing his team enough time to do damage.

While LSB installed an excellent battle and were close to turning it around after a disastrous four-man Gnar combination, T1’s Keria landed a stunning Neeko combo to stop LSB from wiping his group. Following this teamfight win, T1 secured the Senior citizen and completed the series 2-0.

This win may be what T1 needed to return on track. While it’s a long method before they’re able to contest the top teams in the LCK, with small steps they can improve and choose up another championship.

Following this win, T1(2-3) have remain in the seventh location in the 2021 LCK Spring Split. Their next matchup is Afreeca Freecs on Sunday, Jan. 31 at 2am CT. Tune in to see if T1 can discover their 3rd win of this split.