T1 swept Reality Rift to move into top place in ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League use Saturday.

T1 responded to a 2-0 problem to NEW on Friday by winning their maps versus Truth Rift in 58 and 71 minutes, respectively.

Reality Rift were making their competition debut.

In Saturday’s other match, Team Adroit tape-recorded their third straight draw after battling to a 1-1 tie with TNC Predator.

The $100,000 online competition includes 10 groups from Southeast Asia. Seven groups got invites, and 3 groups reached the event through two qualifiers.

The round-robin group stage runs from Thursday through July 12, with all matches best-of-two.

2 teams will be removed during the group phase. The leading four teams will advance to the playoffs’ upper bracket, and the 5th- through eighth-place groups will carry on to the lower bracket.

The double-elimination playoffs will be held July 15-19. Playoff matches are best-of-three until the final, which is best-of-five.

Group stage play continues Sunday, with Neon Esports and Fnatic make their respective tournament debuts. Neon Esports face Truth Rift and Fnatic difficulty Team Adroit while NEW will evaluate their nerve versus TNC Predator.

ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League standings, with match record (W-L-T) and game record, through Saturday:

1. T1, 2-1-0 (4-2).

2. BRAND-NEW Esports, 1-0-1 (3-1).

3. Group Adroit, 0-0-3 (3-3).

T4. Execration, 0-1-1 (1-3).

T4. TNC Predator, 0-0-1 (1-1).

T6. BOOM Esports, 0-0-0 (0-0).

T6. Fnatic, 0-0-0 (0-0).

T6. Geek Fam, 0-0-0 (0-0).

T6. Neon Esports, 0-0-0 (0-0).

10. Reality Rift, 0-1-0 (0-2).