The novice leading laner became qualified to play in the LCK last week.

T1 beat Nongshim RedForce today 2-1 throughout the fourth week of 2021 LCK Spring Split. The series was intense and featured the debut of T1’s leading laner Choi “Zeus” Woo-je, who became qualified to play in the LCK recently.

Entering into this League of Legends match, both groups had high stakes. While NS is wanting to show themselves as a middle-of-the-pack team, T1 is attempting to prevent spiraling to the bottom of the standings after doubtful losses in the previous weeks.

Keria and Faker were the MVPs after today’s series following their Leona and Orianna performances throughout the series. Keria’s Leona was promptly prohibited in the second video game, after he had excellent initiations on the NS lineup, which permitted T1 to snowball in the very first game. On the other hand, Orianna was banned by T1 in the very first 2 games of the series and was first-picked for Faker in the 3rd video game. The champion has a fantastic laning stage and teamfight potential and scales really well with the new itemization.

This compare opened with a statement game from T1. Zeus in the top lane was popping off on Gnar, constantly outplaying his challengers in alarming scenarios. After an excellent early video game play by him to turn around a one-versus-two fight, T1 grew out of control the game out of control. Keria in particular utilized Leona’s supreme as quickly as it came out of cooldown to engage on mispositioned opponents to select up simple eliminates.

The 2nd game was a complete 180 with T1 getting outplayed early on in every lane. Teddy was subbed in for Gumayusi and he played uninspired, mispositioning in teamfights and losing his supreme a number of times. NS profited from T1’s indecisive actions and matched the series in 35 minutes.

The third video game looked scary for T1 early on, however they got better throughout the midgame. While they did let NS get a couple of early drakes and towers, it didn’t matter in the end when T1 organized up and outplayed them in teamfights. With Faker’s Orianna controlling the rate of teamfights, T1 secured the series.

T1 have actually been looking unsteady during this split, constantly changing their lineup in hopes of better efficiency. The model which played today felt cohesive and looked great, even if it protested a weaker group.

Following this win, T1 (3-4) reach seventh location in the 2021 LCK Spring Split. While they still have a long term prior to they reclaim their throne, this series was a great start after their current losses.