The rookie jungler ended up being qualified to play in the LCK last month.

T1 took down Liiv SANDBOX 2-0 today to close out the fifth week of the 2021 LCK Spring Split. The series was one-sided with T1 overpowering their opponents in all lanes.

Today’s match included the debut of T1’s 3rd jungler Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon, who became eligible to play in the LCK last month. Entering into this League of Legends series, the chances were against SANDBOX, who are struggling to leave 10th place in the standings.

The MVP votes were gotten by Keria and Clozer for their oustanding efficiencies throughout the series. The support player utilized Thresh in the first video game for essential engages versus the weakened LCK group, growing out of control from the beginning and serving as a teamfight initiator. Clozer utilized his signature Zoe select to take control of the second game, finishing the game deathless with six eliminates and 7 assists.

The first game of the series began with T1 going for early aggressive plays on all lanes. Novice jungler Oner utilized Graves to keep his opposing jungler under control, continuously getting into and stealing away his camps. His pressure integrated with winning lanes permitted T1 to pick up both Rift Heralds and all the dragons. While LSB attempted to stop their pressure, they were ultimately overpowered once T1 got the Baron and the Senior Citizen Dragon Soul. With a big gold lead, T1 closed out the first video game the series on a high note.

With the momentum from the very first game win, T1 handled to protect early leads in the 2nd video game as soon as again. Clozer’s pressure on Zoe when he got a product advantage permitted T1 to have a lot more dominant mid-game. After a 24-minute teamfight win, T1 closed out the series with a tidy sweep. The video game was far from perfect, however revealed that T1 can have a far better mid-game if they get early leads.

Following this triumph, T1 (5-5) climb to fifth place in the 2021 LCK Spring Split. While they were a strong competitor for the LCK championship after their offseason signings, their consistent roster swaps appears to have actually been impacting the group negatively. The team has lost a number of series due to a lack of map control and mid-game synergy, due to constantly altering gamers. With this win, they need to be able to gain some self-confidence for their match-up versus DWG KIA next week.