Phil Keating reports from outdoors Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla

. A little group of protesters rallied in Tampa, Florida, Sunday ahead of the Super Bowl to demand the Kansas City Chiefs change their name and urge fans to stop carrying out “chop” gestures in the stands.

” We are not your mascot,” protesters might be heard chanting in video of the demonstration outside Raymond James Stadium on social networks, in which numerous demonstrators did not seem wearing coronavirus face masks as they yelled.

One protester, determined just as Stewart, informed Bay News 9 the Chiefs’ mascot was “disgraceful” which the images did not “honor” Native Americans since it has to do with making cash.


” The lack of knowledge that still in the 21st century … we as indigenous people have to defend our own self-respect, our own way of life, our regard,” he said.” They say that they’re honoring us. Where is the honor? There is no honor because.

He went on to utilize an anti-White slur on air:

” How come there is no Kansas City C —— team? There isn’t. How come you’re not honoring your own people?”

Another video revealed a short yelling match in between protesters and a Chiefs fan outside the stadium.

” You ain’t in America, there ain’t no such thing,” one protester chewed out a fan who had stated “home entertainment makes excessive cash, it’s America,” and displayed a tattoo on his arm that included a Kansas City group logo and a feathered headdress.

” I put you on my arm, and I’m being rude?” he asked. “Yes!” the protesters responded.

” We’re not discriminating, we’re supporting the group,” the fan later told Bay News 9 reporter Ashonti Ford. “A group that brings millions of dollars to that neighborhood.

The Florida Indigenous Rights and Environmental Equality group had previously stated it was preparing a demonstration prior to the huge game.

The demonstration comes shortly after the Kansas City Indian Center paid for billboards promoting a similar message.

” Change the name. Stop the Chop,” they check out.

” They have the power to make real change, favorable change for social justice, and they select not to utilize it,” Gaylene Crouser, the KCIC’s executive director told Fox 4.


After years of pressure from critics, the previous Washington Redskins changed their 87-year-old name to merely the Washington Football Group over the summer season. They likewise dropped the old logo design.

Although the push to relabel the Chiefs has not amassed as much attention as the movement in Washington, the group prohibited fans from using headdresses and indigenous-themed face paint at Arrowhead Stadium back in August, Fox Sports reported. Group authorities also stated they would evaluate the fans’ slice gesture.