The group set a new record for the fastest game in the 2021 LPL Spring Split.

Suning protected their second win in the 2021 LPL Spring Split by removing Oh My God in a fast 2-0 series.

While Suning is still far from their 2020 worlds finalist kind, their performance is gradually enhancing with every series. The MVP votes went to the solo laners today. Angel secured the very first game MVP for his ludicruous Azir performance, ending up the game with a 11/0/1 rating. He controlled the laning phase and in teamfights used Azir insec combination to take apart OMG. The 2nd game MVP went to Bin for his Renekton, completing with a 9/1/9 KDA after securing an early lead throughout the laning phase.

This League of Legends series showcased why Suning were able to reach the worlds finals last year. They performed truly well and got two tidy wins against OMG.

The first video game was the Angel program after he was offered Azir in the draft phase against OMG’s Twisted Fate. He used the champ actually well, farming up early on until he reached his Mythic product, then grouping up and providing the Azir insec in teamfights. After a mid-game teamfight, Angel got out of control, taking over next teamfights from afar prior to assisting Suning safe and secure 25-minute win in which they didn’t lose a single tower or neutral goal.

Going into the 2nd video game, OMG eliminated the Azir choice after it ruined them in the first video game of the series. Suning reacted with a Kassadin pick in the mid lane to manage him, while providing Renekton to Bin in the leading lane. This mix of early-game dominance alongside late-game insurance coverage which rounded out Suning’s structure set them to a clear success. Bin utilized Renekton to build a substantial lead for his team, ending up being unkillable after getting Goredrinker.

While OMG tried Suning in their track to the tidy 2-0 sweep, they were unable to do anything due to Bin rolling over them with Renekton in teamfights. His pressure on the champion made Renekton appear like the most damaged character in the game.

The 2nd video game win is currently the fastest in the 2021 LPL Spring Split with 22 minutes and 26 seconds. This dominant win revealed that Suning can still perform to their 2020 form, crushing their opposition with an almost-perfect game.

Following this win, Suning (2-3) are in 11th location in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings. They’ll be back on the Rift next week with 2 matches against LGD Gaming and EDward Gaming.