Riot Games’ highly-anticipated tactical shooter VALORANT officially launched yesterday. But it doesn’t appear like you’ll be seeing one of Twitch’s highest-profile content creators, Summit1g, playing it any time quickly.

Upon beginning his stream last night, the former CS: GO pro was peppered with concerns from his audience that would like to know if he ‘d be taking a look at the video game for the new map and agent that were released with the game’s launch.

But Summit could not have appeared to care much less about the game.

After asking his chat if Riot was launching any brand-new content along with the game’s launch, Top showed a little bit of euphoric ignorance to what the designers had been marketing prior to the other day.

Summit informed his chat that he intended to play a little bit of Grand Theft Automobile roleplay and perhaps even some Sea of Burglars, masterfully deflecting the idea that he must be playing VALORANT with a smile on his face.

” Best of luck, boys, playing it, however I’m good,” he stated. “Listen, I can’t make myself wish to play an arena game today, or a five-vs-five shooter, you know?”

Summit was one of the most-watched content developers on Twitch throughout VALORANT’s closed beta, creating the strongest viewership numbers that he’s ever produced and racking up his highest all-time subscriber count. But as the closed beta advanced, he seemed to become slightly bored with the redundancy of playing a tactical shooter that has nearly similar gameplay to CS: GO, a game that he started playing expertly around 2012.