Summit1g is among the most popular streamers on Twitch. He presently has the fifth most followed channel with over 5.3 million fans.

Though Top may look like a variety banner given that he keeps it fresh by playing brand-new video games, he’s a veteran tactical shooter player. He rose to popularity thanks to his controling play design in CS: GO and WarZ. His background enabled him to excel in fight royale games, and Call of Responsibility: Warzone wasn’t an exception.

If you like Top’s gameplay and want to replicate him, starting with his settings is a terrific concept. Keep in mind that you can just make these settings by fine-tuning them on your own given that your preferences can be various from Summit’s.

Any guide to assist gamers enhance their frames-per-second (FPS) suggests them to turn off the shadow settings. While shadow settings are important to identify opponents that you would miss out on without their shadows, even gamers like Shroud choose to keep shadows handicapped for the additional efficiency boost.

Summit1g goes versus the circulation here and chooses having fun with Shadows on. He reduces other significant graphical settings like Particle Quality, Texture Filtering, and Particle Lightning in return, however, and ensures a balance between decent frames together with all the visual advantage he can get.

One setting that captured our eye is Summit1g’s Polling Rate. Keeping it at 1000 Hz is often recommended for the least expensive response time, but it’s hard to observe a difference many of the time.

It isn’t known why Summit chooses utilizing his mouse at 500 Hz however it’s likely to be an old habit. Running your mouse on 500 Hz is likewise less taxing on your CPU which may be a beneficial aspect for streamers.

Summit1g’s gameplay settings aren’t that different from the default ones. The most important settings here are his Field Of Vision (FoV) and minimum weapon switch hold-up choices.

Though a higher FoV is vital to see more of your surroundings, it may be more taxing in regards to performance for your PC. If you experience FPS drops with greater FoV settings we advise experimenting with lower values.

Keeping your weapon switch hold-up at absolutely no ensures you waste no time at all while swapping to another weapon, which can come in handy in head-to-head close-quarter skirmishes.

Summit1g’s preference, when it pertains to keybinds, enables his index and pinky fingers to do one of the most of the work. He presses E to utilize an item instead of the default F and uses Left Ctrl to crouch/slide rather than C.

He likewise utilizes his mouse buttons for bindings like Tactical Equipment which maximizes his keyboard for more vital keybinds.