He was as soon as a wonderchild who dominated the DOTA 2 scene in his teenage years. His most embellished achievement was winning the greatest tournament in esports, The International 2015 as a 16-year old prodigy, where he became the youngest player to win DOTA’s many prominent event. His achievements have not only made him into a DOTA 2 superstar however also an inspiration for teens as TIME Magazine put him in their list of 30 most prominent teenagers in 2016. This is SumaiL.

Amidst the achievement that he exhibited, Syed “SumaiL” Hassan has actually been a product of debate as seen when he was accused for Evil Geniuses’ decision to bypass their prominent captain and drafter Peter “ppd” Dager. He also has that big-headed and abrasive character which was obvious when he pointed out that money is more vital than winning trophies in one of his interviews, a statement which does raise some eyebrows but eventually makes sense when he discussed the value of money over the prize.

Was he attempting to be that heel in expert fumbling so that he could include some taste in DOTA’s storyline or is he genuine about his responses? Despite your point-of-view, his networth alone suffices to discuss his legacy.


SumaiL ranks 11th in overall esports revenues at $3.6 million, bulk of which was triggered by his success in TI5 where he showcased his supremacy in the midlane. He made $1.7 million that year, where a lion’s share was contributed by his TI5 victory.

His benefits have not only made him into the youngest TI winner however likewise as the youngest millionaire in esports history. While most teens would crumble from the pressure of playing in the biggest competitions, SumaiL kept an ice in his veins a trait that pressed him to proudly announce himself as the very best midlaner in DOTA history.


This has always been a main reason for his success.

Though SumaiL has actually accomplised a lot in his teenage years, it was no simple flight for him. When he initially concerned Evil Geniuses as an unproven 15-year old, SumaiL was provided the Herculean role of filling the shoes left by among the biggest gamers in DOTA 2 history, Artour “Arteezy” Babaev. In the beginning he had a hard time to make an impact as his performances in his very first LAN tournament in 2015 proved that he was the weakest link in EG’s lineup.

However he was never fazed by the criticism bestowed on him as he recovered in his second LAN tournament, DAC 2015. It remained in that grand finals where his desire to win wowed audiences where he bounced back from an abysmal start just for his Storm Spirit to blitz past the opposition as the video game advanced. He eventually won his first significant trophy, a gold edged sword bigger than his noodle-like biceps.

From there he propelled himself to higher heights which culminated with his performances in TI5.

And even in those years when he never ever won in the greatest phenomenon in DOTA 2, he still handled to display that crazy drive as seen when he led his group to victory over EHOME in The International 2016, where his group made miracles by coming back from a mega creeps situation.

His efficiencies in The International 2018 has actually similarly made him a famous reputation as he single-handedly carried EG to a reputable 3rd place finish. His output during that tournament was on god-tier levels as none of his teammates might match with his total output and consistency. He was merely untouchable in the midlane which showed his status as the King of the Midlane, a title that he bestowed upon himself.

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