Prior to establishing their dynasty with Stephen Curry as the centerpiece, the Golden State Warriors once had another high-scoring guard in Monta Ellis.

The vibrant set even managed to become teammates from 2009 to 2012, right around the time Curry was just attempting to get his feet wet in the big leagues.

NBA Hall of Famer and existing Los Angeles Clippers board executive Jerry West, who was still with the Warriors at the time, recently opened up about the events that led to the team’s choice to trade away the explosive Ellis.

” I believe when there was a trade comprised there, it offered him [Curry] more room to do things, and also have the ball in his hands,” West shared in a look on 95.7 The Video game, through NBC Sports.

” If you have somebody that can do something truly well and you don’t have the ball in your hands or you do not have gamers that compliment you, it’s harder to reach the quality he’s reached.”

Monta Ellis, obviously, likewise didn’t do himself any favors when he publicly shared his doubts about having fun with the unproven possibility out of Davidson. The Warriors attempted to make it work, however the pair played similarly and did not seem to complement each other when sharing the floor.

The Dubs traded away Ellis, Kwame Brown, and Ekpe Udoh to the Milwaukee Bucks for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson in 2012. The results obviously promote itself, as Stephen Curry and Golden State won the title simply 3 years later.

Jerry West, meanwhile, certainly stands by that decision and said it was the finest route for all celebrations included.

” A preferred gamer throughout my time up there, Monta Ellis was traded and to me, that opened up [Curry’s] ability to become who he is today. I think it made him more confident. They weren’t a good, I believe, match together, and they were both terrific gamers, truly terrific gamers. However I think Steph was the individual that had the most growth left in him, and when Monta left, you’re seeing Steph Curry of today,” the former Warriors officer added.

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