During a pregame interview with TNT’s “Inside the NBA” team, Curry was asked by Shaquille O’Neal to expose the “real expectations” for the 2020-2021 Warriors, provided the loss of Klay Thompson and a reliance on young players such as novice No. 2 choice James Wiseman.

” We understand what the experts are saying and where people sort of see us in the Western Conference,” Curry said of algorithms and confidential executives alike who have actually forecasted another playoff-less season for his group. “For us it’s got ta be a scenario no matter how the season starts to understand we’re gon na improve each and every single game, each and every single week. We obviously want to be a playoff team, and once we get in there, we understand we’ll be a tough out.”

He included, “We feel like we’re a playoff team, we’re gon na get there, and this is going to be a fun 72-game journey.”

Needless to state, those who are predicting the Warriors will miss the playoffs for a second-straight season surely felt a bit vindicated on Tuesday night. Andrew Wiggins was really bad, with Google users obviously taking notification, and the team’s bench seems notably thin.

One most likely should not expect Curry to say anything other than “we anticipate to be a playoff team,” and it’s just one video game, but still– the Dubs’ lackluster efficiency in the minutes after the interview with Shaq was disconcerting.

To be reasonable to Curry, Golden State was missing its best protector in Draymond Green. Curry is also right to keep in mind that the group is young and expected to enhance as the season goes along. However his conculsion that the present lineup will enhance enough to be a “hard out” in the playoffs looks as precarious as Wiggins’ jumpshot.