Unique game and sound brand SteelSeries is preparing to commemorate its 20th anniversary with occasions that will last for a year.

SteelSeries continues to be the supporting force of the esports and expert video gaming world for 2 years. From sponsoring expert teams for the first time to producing unique items for experts, and turning gifted gamers into worldwide superstars, he has actually gone far for himself. Appropriately, it continues to grow the sector and ensure that gamers attain triumph by establishing items that will make gaming more competitive and more pleasurable.

Founded in Denmark in 2001, SteelSeries first presented its innovative product Icemat, a dust-free glass mousepad to fulfill the surface needs of passionate players. At that time, company creator Jacob Wolff-Petersen was using the standard powder magnet mousepad that made intending difficult when he was a Counter-Strike gamer in Copenhagen. However unlike other gamers, it introduced the world’s first glass mousepad designed for FPS players, offering a smooth anti-dust surface area that stresses accuracy.

Because this extraordinary development, SteelSeries has continued to make an impression with numerous other developments by designing the first mechanical gaming keyboard, the first on-ear video gaming headsets, the fold-in headset microphones and the very first World of Warcraft MMO video gaming mouse.

SteelSeries CEO Ehtisham Rabbani: “Short article link https://www.en24.news/e/2021/02/steelseries-celebrates-its-20th-anniversary-in-the-game-and-esports-world-with-events.html

The first twenty years of SteelSeries have been crowned with innovation, countless firsts and authentic partnerships with specialists. Together we produced a worldwide esports scene and continued its attractive increase. We will strive to produce the next frontier of the size of the game world with item and software developments that will continue to lead the advancement of the industry in the coming years. “With SteelSeries, we know that every gamer can seem like a star and take the game even more than anyone ever envisioned.”

With over 40 patents in its very first 20 years, SteelSeries balances professional-grade quality and resilience with the decision of lean and modern design. SteelSeries founder Jacob Wolff-Petersen: “Post link https://www.en24.news/e/2021/02/steelseries-celebrates-its-20th-anniversary-in-the-game-and-esports-world-with-events.html

The company’s objective since its inception is to produce equipment that attract ‘players’ to the exact same, the majority of requiring customer group worldwide. This objective was revealed in an early project slogan: “Winning is Whatever” which has actually constantly been one of the company’s core values. ”

SteelSeries is putting its signature under the works that will be at the center of the esports world with the equipment it has actually developed to improve the experiences of each player, considering that the OG team it sponsors has been the first string to win the Dota 2 International Championships for 2 successive years.

SteelSeries’ relationships with professional groups are more than sponsorships, they are partnerships. Esports professionals are not simply SteelSeries-sponsored groups, however collaborative and co-creators creating the world’s finest gaming peripheral items, from concept and design to screening and recognition.

Until 2006, SteelSeries devices was utilized by 7 of the world’s 10 finest FPS esports groups.

Today professionals make more money with SteelSeries than any other brand.

To commemorate its 20th anniversary, SteelSeries has launched 6 animated brief films by its imaginative team about the development of their technology and their decision to press the borders in games. Article link https://www.en24.news/e/2021/02/steelseries-celebrates-its-20th-anniversary-in-the-game-and-esports-world-with-events.html

The motion pictures can be watched on steelseries.com/glory.

Share the enjoyment of SteelSeries by taking part in the broadcast to be held on twitch.tv/ steelseries on February 4, 2021 for a Q&A broadcast with Technical Operations Director Tino Soelberg, where the technology of video game peripherals will be analyzed while showing the development of SteelSeries’ innovative equipment.

SteelSeries will also host its first online tournament, Post link https://www.en24.news/e/2021/02/steelseries-celebrates-its-20th-anniversary-in-the-game-and-esports-world-with-events.html

The SteelSeries Invitational, from 13 to 28 February 2021 to commemorate its esports legacy. This brand-new competitive series pits expert teams from all over the world in a defend triumph.