It’s the dawn of a brand-new year but if you’re still feeling nostalgic for the year from hell that was 2020, then Steam has your back. The almighty digital circulation video gaming platform has exposed which of its games made the best-seller list and clocked the highest variety of hours from individuals desperate to escape the horrors outside.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the list isn’t ranked, nor does it mention just how much scratch each game made in 2020. That being stated, some details are already known such as Cyberpunk 2077’s excellent tally of 13 million sales so far, Grand Theft Auto V still being extremely popular after 7 years and Dota 2 quickly controling within its category of clickable method. These are the video games that reached Platinum status on Steam:

If you click through the link, there’s a lot of other intriguing lists as well. Here’s a fast round-up of the finest of the finest within Steam’s charts, according to user evaluations:

Not too shoddy. The year ahead looks a little bit more suppressed in comparison to the surge of high profile video games that 2020 had, but it’ll likely be a year that’s still dominated by a few dinosaurs from the past if patterns continue. To have a look at the whole selection of Steam 250’s list, click on this link.