Valve launches its yearly Steam Best of 2020 lists, showcasing a lot of the most effective PC video games releases on the shop this year.

The holiday remains in full speed on Steam, as the PC store’s Christmas sale is now numerous days in. Christmas itself is over, among the greatest sales days of the year, and New Year’s Day is quickly approaching. To commemorate the year’s upcoming conclusion, Valve’s followed through with its tradition of launching a list of Steam’s most successful games from the year. 2020 had plenty of unexpected success stories on PC, though there are plenty of Steam’s old favorites at the top of the six different lists, too.

There are 6 lists for Steam users to browse this year. They consist of Steam’s Top Sellers, New Releases, Many Played, Early Gain Access To Graduates, Finest of VR, and Controller Games. As ever, Valve doesn’t release particular numbers for its “Best of 2020” video games lists. Instead, it breaks down games in tiers, with Platinum video games being the year’s most successful, followed by Gold, Silver, and Bronze classifications. Players will have to think to determine precisely how the lists break down video game by video game.

The Leading Sellers list, which ranges Steam’s best-performing video games by gross earnings, is possibly the most significant of the lists. Unsurprisingly, it’s occupied by numerous video games not released in 2020, but which are still incredibly effective. Of the 12 games in the Platinum tier, just Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal, and Fall Men are 2020 releases. The rest of the list is comprised of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fate 2, Monster Hunter World, Dota 2, Amongst United States, Rainbow Six Siege, Grand Theft Vehicle 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Next to the top-revenue list, maybe the most interesting list is Steam’s Most Played. This is a list of video games with the highest concurrent player count in 2020. Most of the video games are comparable in between the two lists, but there are a handful of surprises. Varying games include Terraria, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, and maybe the biggest surprise, Life is Weird 2.

For PC players looking for games they may have missed out on in 2020, the Early Gain access to Grads list is best. It’s full of remarkable video games that got little marketing or buzz when they initially concerned Steam, and then might have never gotten a big push after when they went from Early Access to complete launch. Top games consist of big releases like Hades and Torchlight 3, in addition to lesser-known video games like Wolcen, Noita, Deep Rock Galactic, and Team.

The Very Best of VR and Controller Games list are both exceptional too, pointing PC gamers with more particular requirements towards games they may have missed in 2020. In truth, all of the lists do that in meaningful ways. Considering the Steam vacation sale is ongoing, there’s no much better time to try a few of the best video games of 2020 before a brand-new wave of great games gets here on Steam in 2021.

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