Steam signed up a new record in users concurrently logged into Steam, topping out at a huge 26,401,443. This beats the previous record from January 2 of this year by roughly 1 million users.

The record from January sat at approximately 25.4 million users. Remember that number is for users linked to Steam just, and not for players actively in-game. Meaning, all those countless users were at least logged into Steam, but not always playing a video game at the time. That variety of in-game users, though, peaked at 7.3 million at the time the brand-new concurrent connected user record was reached.

In regards to users who were in-game, that record remains unbroken, sitting easily at 8.1 million recorded in March of 2020. This was led by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which at the time ended up being the third game on the platform to break the 1 million concurrent player mark – no doubt helped by the relocation towards stay-at-home way of lives last year.

While the pandemic has actually been a major aspect in Steam’s constant development over the previous year, it’s not the sole contributor. Chinese gamers will be especially active online today. As a country which had a few of the strictest lockdown steps, it’s unsurprising that many players discovered their alternatives restricted.

Tale of Never-ceasing, an exceptionally popular RPG that’s exclusive to the region, saw China log the game as the fourth most popular in terms of gamer rely on the entire Steam platform. This is behind just CS: GO, Dota 2 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

China and other nations in Asia will also be celebrating Lunar New Year and its versions this Friday, February 12. Vacations have already begun for numerous, no doubt contributing to the boost Valve is presently enjoying on its platform.

Taking a look at Valve’s 2020 year in evaluation, we can see the business expected this sort of growth: “While Steam was currently seeing considerable development in 2020 prior to COVID-19 lockdowns, computer game playtime rose when people started remaining house, dramatically increasing the variety of clients buying and playing games, and ideally bringing some pleasure to counter-balance some of the insaneness that was 2020.”

Valve shone some light on key stats from that year too. Their results include record numbers for monthly active users (120.4 million), daily active users (62.6 million), first-time purchasers of products on Steam (2.6 million per month), total playtime (31.3 billion hours) and a 21.4% increase in games bought in 2020 over 2019.

Lots of countries are still in full swing of handling the pandemic and different lockdown procedures. It’s not out of the concern that Steam’s concurrent user base will continue to grow in 2021.

Nevertheless, with the statistics Steam has actually published (especially their recordings of first-time buyers and variety of video games bought) it might well be that a great deal of brand-new users will exist to stay.