2020 was the year that forced all of us into seclusion. Fortunately, we had some quality entertainment to keep us from going totally outrageous. Video games came through huge time, and as 2020 ends, it’s time to commemorate the finest video games of the year. The Video game Awards did this to an extent currently.

Now, we have the ultimate list of the very best games of 2020, from Steam. Being the greatest gaming PC platform on earth, Steam has some of the most in-depth insights. Steam’s Best of 2020 list is here, and it includes some notable names like Cyberpunk 2077, Amongst United States, GTA V, DotA 2, PUBG, and more.

Steam has a bunch of categories that are likewise discount offers. In the top sellers of the year, a classification that sorts by gross income, Among United States leads the charts despite being one of the most inexpensive titles on the list. Other significant titles on the list are Beast Hunter World, Doom Eternal, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, PUBG, CS: GO, Rainbow 6: Siege, Red Dead Redemption II, GTA V, Destiny 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and DoTA 2.

All big names, for sure. GTA V, Dota 2, and CS: GO have actually made it into the platinum category of this section every year because Steam started it in 2016. Rainbow 6: Siege and PUBG have actually made the category four times.

The finest new releases of the year likewise have Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal, and Fall People: Ultimate Knockout. Other titles include Crusader Kings III, Mafia Definitive Edition, Hal-Life: Alyx, Death Stranding, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sea of Burglars.

Cyberpunk 2077 kept its head up in the most played classification as well, along with CS: GO, PUBG, Among Us, GTA V, DoTA 2, and Beast Hunter World. Half-Life: Alyx and Beat Saber were the noteworthy names in finest of VR.

Nearly all these titles and more are on a discount today on Steam, so go have a look at the Steam Winter Sale.