Valve’s free-to-play juggernauts CS: GO and Dota 2 will be the first two games available in Steam China, the country-specific platform collectively released with long time partner Perfect World.

Steam China will debut on Feb. 9 in a public beta, according to video games analyst Daniel Ahmad. This China-exclusive platform will operate as a different application from its worldwide version, though development and video game libraries will be transferred over.

For players in China, a domestic platform declares more oversight and scrutiny. Steam’s international version has actually been available in China for many years, considering that the platform’s most popular language is Simplified Chinese, permitting users to have unfettered access to Steam’s large library of video games and skirt rules, such as anti-addiction time limitations and age restrictions.

Developers seeking to get in into the Chinese market have to acquire a license from its government, go through a prolonged application procedure, and comply with strict sets of rules. A video game has to consist entirely of Simplified Chinese text, for example, and foreign games need to partner with a domestic publisher.

Valve’s titles CS: GO and Dota 2 have low-violence variations particularly produced the Chinese market, such as removing blood splatters and masking or customizing art featuring skulls or gore.