The official Chinese version of Steam is now out, but apparently only has 53 games on it at the moment.

That’s according to PC Player, which reports that the platform has only 0.25 per cent of the roughly 21,131 titles and products of DLC that are on the “routine” variation of Valve’s service. This is due to the truth that games on Steam China require to be approved by the nation’s notoriously difficult government approvals. Famously, there was a freeze on granting licenses to video games in 2018; at the start of 2020, we had a peak at what the approval procedure for introducing in China resembled thanks to Niko Partners.

It’s likely going to be some time prior to the other 21,000-plus titles on Steam concern the Chinese variation. As PC Gamer points out, strikes that have helped Steam become more popular in China – like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds – are not present on the platform as is.

Titles that have actually made the cut consist of Valve’s own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and MOBA Dota 2.

Steam China likewise does not have the platform’s online forums and neighborhood features, which is actually the case with regular Steam using a VPN in the nation. User evaluations are readily available, nevertheless.

In July 2018, Valve partnered with Perfect World for Steam China. That year, it was approximated by Niko Partners that Steam’s Chinese user base was greater than 30 million, approximately a fifth of the platform’s total user base at the time.

Steam China launched in alpha in May of in 2015.