Steam ended a great 2020, reaching heights of appeal never ever seen on any other online video game platform. However we have just begun with 2021 as it says and Valve’s service has as soon as again surpassed itself, according to SteamDB data.

Particularly, it was last Sunday when Steam managed to collect more than 26.4 million users linked at the same time, exceeding the peak reached throughout 2020 by nearly 2 million. The reason? Well, it is not clear, except for the truth that Valve’s platform is still the chosen one by the majority of PC users … And it does not seem that it will stop being so in the short term.

Other information that the day in concern leaves us consist of those of the title that attracted the most players and is none other than the excellent classic of your home, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which usually has an average of one million people. That day, nevertheless, it was more than 7.3 million users who, at the peak time, were shooting each other in Valve’s veteran multiplayer FPS.

The development that Steam has experienced in the in 2015 has lacked a doubt spectacular, even though the pandemic triggered by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has been the forced trigger in which Steam and lots of other online material services have been supported to increase your numbers like never in the past. And as we all understand, the bug is still strong enough to go down in history shortly.

Therefore, it will not be surprising that Steam continues to grow and that throughout this 2021 that is still in its first phase, it leaves us brand-new records of ‘audience’. Without going any further, if the record reached by the platform in 2020 was 24.8 million users linked in unison, at the time of publishing this news there are more than 24.3 million individuals the ones on Steam.

Likewise, and this is extremely crucial, they are not yet considered the figures that China can bring, the biggest market on the planet in which Steam recently landed, yes, with lots of, many constraints.

It does not appear, for that reason, that for more free video games that the Epic Games Shop hands out or for more exclusives that are awarded at the stroke of a wallet, Steam will have the ability to face it in the future. Because people go, get the complimentary video game on responsibility and once they have played it, if they play it, to purchase or play the rest they go back to Steam.

And you, are you more from Steam or from the Epic Games Store? If you address in favor of the first, bear in mind that the sales for the Chinese New Year have just started (what much better way to welcome the showing up public?).