Riot mistakenly spilled the beans on Killjoy a couple of days early.

Thanks to someone at Riot tripping and pressing a huge red button, we have our first main look at Valorant’s next representative: the turret-toting Killjoy. An introductory page written from Killjoy’s point of view was quickly live on Riot’s website with complete explanations of their abilities.

The post likewise had actually embedded Youtube videos that would most likely show the abilities in action, but just briefly readily available to view prior to the page decreased. The good news is, Valorant information miner floxay proceeded and reposted the video flaunting each capability on Twitter.

In order of look, here’s every ability and its description on the now-removed Killjoy intro page:

Those are some significantly different capabilities than what we have actually seen so far in Valorant. As Riot continues to diverge from the modest toolkit of CS: GO, it’ll be interesting to see if a TF2-style car turret will create more chances to score kills with capabilities rather of conventional gunplay. Presuming the example videos are using basic health amounts, the turret does not appear to do much damage. However it’s easy to see how it’ll be useful as a proximity alarm that can also compromise enemies in their next battle.

The other outliers here are the Alarmbot and Lockdown ultimate. I like the idea of the Alarmbot as a trap that can get you eliminated, however just when timed alongside somebody peeking and dealing double damage. Its fairness will depend upon how long the double damage result lasts and how simple it is to find the Alarmbot prior to it jumps on you.

Lockdown is remarkable due to the fact that of the situations in which it will force opponents to push into Killjoy with a big downside. We can see that those under its effects move much slower, however I wonder to see if it likewise has any Breach-like effects on accuracy or fire rate. Nanoswarm appears to essentially work like a remote-detonated Molotov, which isn’t as fancy as a turret, however possibly powerful against a coordinated push through a bottleneck like Sanctuary’s Long A. If it’s cloaked as well as Cypher’s cyber cages, I believe we remain in for some very disruptive abilities from Killjoy.

Killjoy will presumably drop when Act 2 of Valorant starts, which is most likely very soon. Riot hasn’t provided a precise date, but with the fight pass ending on August 4, next week is looking like a great bet.