Star Guardian capsules are one part of the latest Star Guardian occasion in League of Legends. Pills themselves are not new to League of Legends, however these are brand-new to the shop and can be bought in packages.

One Star Guardian capsule costs 750 RP. The 10 Star Guardian capsule bundle expenses 7,500 RP.

The capsule still acts the same as a typical capsule because you get three fragments. These fragments typically offer you discount rates on champs. Nevertheless, these brand-new pills offer 3 champion skin shards. Buying these Star Guardian pills also earns gamers Prestige Points. Status Points can be utilize to buy status skins, such as the new Eminence Star Guardian Soraka Skin. These Star Guardian capsules themselves can not drop the new Soraka skin. Nevertheless, they still can drop plenty of unusual skin fragments.

If you intend on buying Star Guardian capsules, the 10-capsule bundle gets one of the most bang for its buck. Not just do you get 30 champion shards, but the capsule bundle also consists of an Interstellar Bag. The Interstellar bag works likewise to promote fragments. However, this bag consists of 8 various champion skin shards. On top of that, you’ll make more prestige points that you can picked to spend nevertheless you like.