Little by little, however it seems that Google is fine-tuning its strategy with Stadia, although it seems that it still has some problem in the management of interaction. And this is a bigger issue than it may appear, because despite being a really intriguing service for various user profiles (Although I know that it likewise has detractors), it is not yet too called it should be and, for that reason, it is possible that lots of potential clients still do not understand about its os.

Nor has the current announcement that Google is closing the two studies it had established to establish exclusive titles for Stadia has actually played in its favor. A reasonable choice, however one that lots of individuals interpreted in terms of Stadia’s offering of titles being a bit lazy. A lot more so after, simply a couple of months earlier, it was revealed that its strategies were to add 400 titles between 2021 and 2022.

Fortunately in this regard is that, regardless of the fact that we no longer discuss advancements in their own research studies, or at least not as many as were prepared a few months earlier, the Stadia catalog will continue to grow in the brief and medium term, which for that reason its dedication to Stadia remains enthusiastic. And, as we can continue reading its main blog, Google will include more than 100 titles to the Stadia brochure throughout this year, and we already know 9 of these novelties, in addition to the date on which some of them will debut on the platform.

In order of arrival, the very first of the titles to debut on Stadia is Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition, a scandal sheet of the 4th installment of this platform legend in which you have to control Shantae in the Kingdom of Geniuses, where she will need to deal with a wicked creature that has simply left. It will be available from February 23.

The very same day will likewise show up on Stadia Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut, a reissue of the 2011 classic from the exact same legend.

A couple of days later on, on March 2, it will arrive It came from the space and consumed our brains, an enjoyable and hectic cooperative multiplayer game in which, to the rhythm of an outstanding techno soundtrack, you will need to face a myriad of destructive aliens, for which you will have both weapons and unique and surprising powers.

In the middle of March, on the 17th, we find the most popular title of those announced: FIFA 21. The title par quality of EA Sports, and the lead character of not a couple of anger in many of its gamers (those who know state that it is capable of putting even worse humor than League of Legends). There is little to say about this title that you don’t already know.

Concerning Stadia on March 26 Kaze and the Wild Masks, a platform in the vein of the titles of this style from the 90s, and in which you will manage Kaze in an adventure in which he will have to run, leap, swim, fly, dive … while visiting the Crystal Islands and collect the Wild Masks to get brand-new powers.

Currently the month of April, on the 23rd, will be Judgment the novelty coming to Stadia. From the developers of the Yakuza saga, here we discover the complex story of an attorney who, after striking rock bottom, attempts to remake himself into the underworld to examine what occurs there.

Still without any scheduled date, the other three titles revealed by Stadia are Killer Queen Black, Street Power Football and Hellpoint. A very interesting list, given that it shows that the conversations with other studios appear to be going effectively, which for that reason the brochure will continue to grow in the brief and medium term.