STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) – SPASH esports swept the state esports competition after months of hold-up due to COVID-19.

The SPASH esports team won state for League of Legends on Saturday, completing to win Rocket League Sunday. The groups played in small groups, socially distanced, rocking unique SPASH esports masks.

The pandemic forced them to continue practicing remotely in a sport where coach Kate Kaster says communication is crucial.

“It’s not just who can play the finest, however who can interact successfully with the remainder of the team. How do they work together as a synergy, as a group? So you can be a really good player, but if you don’t interact well, and do not have that synergy with the group, then it’s not going to work so well,” Kaster stated.

This weekend was the very first time they were reunited to compete at UW-Stevens Point, where they typically practiced prior to the pandemic. The groups were both greatly preferred to win state in the up-and-coming sport, as they’ve been winning competitors all season long.

“The trainees really delight in having this opportunity to play together. We might do it remotely, however it’s not the exact same,” she said.

Coaching remotely was a difficulty, since it is essential to Kaster to engage with her students.

“You’re attempting to offer them pointers and provide ideas when you can’t truly see their face or understand how they’re getting used to whatever it is you’re suggesting,” she stated.

SPASH esports will begin recruiting for next year’s group in October.