By employing previous New England Patriots executive Nick Caserio to fix a big set of issues within the organization, the Houston Texans have actually developed additional ones with star quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Watson offered his input on potential general supervisor candidates, however the Texans neither thought about nor spoken with those backed by their franchise quarterback, league sources told ESPN.

Additionally, the Texans did not notify Watson that they planned to hire Caserio, and he discovered the hire Tuesday on social networks. That added to Watson taking to Twitter that night to post, “some things never alter …”.

Watson’s feelings were not directed toward Caserio, sources told ESPN, but rather were a sign of the way company was again performed by the Texans.

Last offseason, Houston didn’t let Watson know that star pass receiver DeAndre Hopkins would be traded, which resulted in some frustration. Now that it has actually taken place once again, Watson is said to be definitely more troubled, sources informed ESPN.

This time, Watson had actually consulted with Texans owner Cal McNair in numerous circumstances, sharing ideas on certain candidates who came highly recommended, with Watson recommending that the team at least talk with them, sources told ESPN. He did not anticipate Houston to work with those he endorsed, however Watson was hoping the Texans would respect the feelings of the group of colleagues he was attempting to represent, sources told ESPN.

The Texans, however, did not act upon their quarterback’s thoughts and charged ahead with a hire that mattered to a much smaller circle than the one Watson was attempting to help, sources told ESPN.

Even if they didn’t desire to move forward with any of Watson’s advised prospects, sources informed ESPN that Watson wished to a minimum of have the opportunity to consult with ownership’s finalists so he might use ideas from a player perspective to benefit the group– and after that the Texans might hire who they desired. That opportunity never came.

Now the focus relies on the fallout from the scenario. The Texans plainly have an unhappy quarterback on their hands as they invite Caserio to their franchise to try to assist rebuild it.

There currently has actually been speculation that Watson might require a trade, though Caserio is only just beginning his task and the team still does not have a head coach. If the group were to trade Watson, it would have to take in a salary-cap charge of $22 million, though it could return a bounty of NFL draft picks and players.

But the mess that Caserio was hired to tidy up is in fact bigger due to the fact that of the events that surrounded his hiring, as it now includes a disillusioned franchise quarterback.