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Is 70 dollars a fair cost for PS5 video games? Nope. There’s been a lot made about the rate of PlayStation 5 video games. For the very first time since the mid-2000s, the price of computer game has budged off the 60 dollar gold requirement. When asked about it just recently, Sony CEO Jim Ryan stated he felt it was a reasonable cost given the hours of home entertainment received. I’m here to inform you that he’s wrong. The rate must be higher.

An unpopular viewpoint

I’ll be the first to acknowledge my take on this is not a popular one. “How dare she shill for the video gaming market?!” I hear you screaming. Certainly, I have actually seen all way of press reporters throughout the market lambast Sony’s greed for budging off the 60 dollar requirement. However, that shift was beyond past due. The failure of developers to get more than 60 dollars out of their video games is what straight caused the development of microtransactions and ultimately loot boxes as we understand them today.

If you hate things like season passes and DLC on release, you have that 60 dollar rate indicate thank for it. In the lack of being able to charge more directly for the game, developers naturally relied on other methods of making more from their game. And the reasons they need to are pretty easy. Inflation of currency, and the ballooning of development and marketing costs. Let’s take the halcyon days of 1997. A new video game was typically around $50.00. Well, a fast trip to the inflation calculator shows us that fifty dollars in 1997 is the equivalent of about $81.12 in today’s currency. So even if the costs of video game advancement had actually only adjusted up for inflation, video games must cost a minimum of 80 dollars.

The ballooning expense of video game advancement

Obviously, the expense of video game development isn’t just increasing with inflation. Games today are much larger experiences than they remained in 1997. The visual work of modern games alone costs significantly more than it performed in the ’90s. Have a look at Midgar in Final Fantasy VII and Last Dream VII Remake. How much more cost and time-intensive would you imagine it was to design the graphics in the remake?

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In addition, video games reach a much broader audience than they did when we were maturing. This is both a good and a bad thing. While it implies they will offer more copies, hence assisting to off-set the ballooning development costs, it also suggests a marketing budget plan. With a larger audience comes more competition, and a need to stick out above the crowd. These concerns left designers with a need to discover a way to make more than sixty dollars on their games, and thus the microtransaction hellscape we reside in today.

So is 70 dollars a reasonable price for PS5 video games?

In a vacuum, I can just state no. I can state that computer game should most likely be priced between 90 and 100 dollars each, and that must be the requirement. But that would come with the caveat that designers continue developing in the very same way they are now and doing so totally free. If I’m dropping 100 dollars on a game out package, I better not ever need to spend for brand-new skins or a new season of content.

But the concern is can that occur? Games as a service are here to remain, and I don’t foresee that altering at any time soon. The new expectation is that a video game will continue to grow and progress gradually. How do you do that without charging for season passes and brand-new DLC? I truly don’t know, I’m uncertain you can. The unsightly reality is, I think the standard ought to be $80 dollars and after that DLC as we have it now. Because, I’m delighted it’s just going up to $70 dollars. No, I don’t believe 70 dollars is a fair cost for a PS5 video game, however I think it’s just best offered the abuses committed on consumers over the last years.

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