Snoop Dogg first acquired popularity through his incredibly appealing music. Recently the hip-hop artist relied on his second love, video games. A number of artists and artists have relied on streaming or Let’s- playing their preferred games. Snoop Dogg is no Twitch top banner however he has a good 229k fans on his individual Twitch channel. Regrettably, when his fans developed into a recent stream of Madden NFL 21, they were treated with 15 minutes of gameplay before the artist shut down his console and ignored the camera.


The Madden stream in question was ironically titled “Relax, Relax, and Chill it’s a vibe in here.” A variety of regrettable plays triggered Snoop Dogg to definitely lose his cool. Following numerous swearing spells, the rap artist turned off the console and left the stream. Streamers ragequit all the time but Snoop Dogg left his dead stream opting for over seven and a half hours. The archived version of the stream on the Twitch channel presently boasts a viewership count of a little over 200,000.

Snoop Dogg in some way accidentally delivered on the guarantee that the Twitch stream title held. Audience members had no gameplay to delight in however chill music kept them company for the entire period.

A number of viral videos and streams of the past have proven the internet’s collective willingness to view fixed objects or videos. Nevertheless, few instances come from streamers angrily leaving their streams due to the fact that of bad video game performance. It wasn’t much of a game stream but over 200,000 individuals still thought it was interesting. Ideally, Snoop Dogg provides a better streaming experience the next time he hops on Twitch.

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