The 20-year-old was under contract with Asian group TIGER alongside veteran Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer. The group’s strategies reportedly altered, nevertheless, after TIGER amazed CS: GO fans and won ESL One: Road to Rio Asia in May. If TIGER added smooya and Snappi to the starting lineup, they would’ve lost half of the 1,600 Regional Major Ranking (RMR) points they earned from that event.

While TIGER has lent Snappi to Astralis, the organization has actually freed smooya from his contract. Smooya stated on Twitter that he’ll be thinking about offers from Europe and The United States And Canada.

” I can validate that I am now a free representative, indicating I am open to all offers EU/NA,” smooya said. “Would enjoy an opportunity to show myself specifically after the way my time in Mayhem ended.”

Smooya’s year has been unstable so far. He just stuck with Mayhem for two months, however he was unarguably the very best player on the team with a typical 1.32 rating throughout his stint, according to HLTV’s stats. He was launched in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, which made it difficult to protect his P1 visa.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it’s most likely that smooya will receive more offers from European teams and play from house. The British AWPer is most understood for his duration with BIG in between 2018 and 2020 where he assisted the German squad finish as the runners-up at ESL One Perfume in July 2018.