The Swiss Michelle Gisin won the Semmering slalom, signing her very first World Cup triumph in the discipline. Mikaela Shiffrin was third and Petra Vlhova fourth.

She won the parallel group event with Switzerland in St. Moritz in 2016. But that obviously had nothing to do with it. This Tuesday, Michelle Gisin, a couple of days after celebrating her 27th birthday, signed her first private success on the planet Cup, on the event of the slalom in Semmering, Austria. The Swiss, second in the preliminary 2 hundredths behind the terrific preferred Mikaela Shiffrin, managed a magnificent second round, to win in the end with 11 hundredths ahead of Katharina Liensberger who, in the house, set the very best time of the round, to reach the sixth podium of his profession. Gisin is rewarded for her adaptability, she who currently has 3 podiums in slalom and 5 in speed occasions.

Too numerous errors for Shiffrin

In 3rd location, we discover Mikaela Shiffrin, who made numerous mistakes throughout the 2nd heat, and who finished 57 hundredths behind Gisin. The American guarantees the podium, but will not for that reason have won the tiniest triumph in the slalom in this specific year 2020 (death of her dad in February and the season reduced by the coronavirus pandemic). Behind Shiffrin, we find his fantastic competing Petra Vlhova, who managed to go up 2 locations compared to the first race. Note likewise the little task of the Norwegian Maria Therese Tviberg, who started with the bib 54, and who finished 23rd in the preliminary and finally 8th in the race! Following this Semmering slalom, Petra Vlhova remains at the head of the World Cup in the discipline, ahead of Michelle Gisin and Katharina Liensberger (the first Frenchwoman, Nastasia Noens, is 39th). In the basic category, the Slovak is also in charge, ahead of Michelle Gisin and Mikaela Shiffrin (Tessa Worley 14th). 3 skiers who must still be at the leading edge on Sunday during the Zagreb slalom.


Last category – Tuesday, December 29, 2020.

1- Michelle Gisin (SUI) in 1 ’42” 05.

2- Katharina Liensberger (AUT) at 0″ 11.

3- Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) at 0″ 57.

4- Petra Vlhova (SLQ) at 1″ 36.

5- Wendy Holdener (SUI) at 1″ 43.

6- Katharina Truppe (AUT) at 1″ 56.

7- Kristin Lysdahl (NOR) at 2″ 40.

8- Maria Therese Tviberg (NOR) at 2″ 57.

9- Nina O Brien (U.S.A.) at 3″ 06.

10- Katharina Huber (AUT) at 3″ 14.